Customising Ad Copy Using IF Functions Based On Device Or Audience 

Customising ad copy based on the user data that Google provides us is a big part of what I’ve been looking at lately and I thought I’d share some of it with you.

By placing an IF function in the ad copy, we can tailor make our ad copy and show a different message depending on the user’s device or audience list. It opens up a whole heap of ad copy testing  (you can never have too much testing) and if done correctly, should help to increase CTRs and CVRs.


Using an IF Formula

To create an ad with an IF function, create an ad like you normally would but where you would like to add an IF function, type in a curly bracket. This will open up a menu showing all the ad customisers you have available to you. Select the IF function ad customiser which will add a template of the IF function in the ad copy. If you know the format required, then you can add an If function via Adwords Editor as well.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 20.51.01

Both the device and Audience IF Functions require a special message where the condition is met and a default message where the condition is not met. The device IF function is the simpler of the two to create so we will start off with this one. It basically says if the device is mobile, then add the following message to the ad copy, otherwise add the default message to the ad copy:

{=IF(device=mobile, Message For Mobile):Message For Everything Else}

Targeting audience lists isn’t much more complicated. We can say if the user is in one of the following audience lists, then add the following message to the ad copy, otherwise show the default message:

{=IF(audience IN(List 1,List 2),Audience Message):Default Message}


A few things to bear in mind
As cool as IF Functions are, at the time of writing this article there are a few caveats and things to bear in mind:

  • You can only have a different message for mobile. Tablets and desktops are not supported just yet
  • IF functions in the Final URL are not supported
  • You can only have one IF Function. You can’t have multiple different messages with multiple nested IF Functions. So you can’t have an IF Function for mobile devices where the audience list is cart abandoners for example.
  • IF functions only work for ads on the Search Network


So What Can I Test?

What you test and what kind of IF functions you create really will depend on your own niche and the type of voice you want to have within your industry. You’ll  need to do some further analysis and ask yourself questions like:

  • Does mobile perform differently to other devices? If yes, then how should the ad copy reflect this?
  • Do I want to speak differently to a particular audience
  • Do I want to have different messages depending on how far down the sales funnel a particular audience is?

This is an exciting feature Google has added but they can definitely do more with it. Imagine being able to change ads based on gender, age or even being able to combine a set of audiences with a device or gender?.

If you have used IF Functions in your ad copy then do let me know what kinds of ads you ran in the comments section and how successful they were.


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