How To Measure And Improve Quality Score Metrics With Scripts & Google Sheets

Improving Quality Scores can greatly help to make an account more efficient. In a nutshell, it reduces CPCs and increases CTRs. Google gives three metrics to analyse how your keyword level Quality Scores can be improved:

  • Ad Text Relevance
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Expected Clickthrough Rate

If you’ve ever tried to find which of your keywords are lacking in any one of these areas, you may have tried looking at the status of each keyword. Needless to say doing this for every keyword in a large account is not only annoying, it’s a very poor use of your time. If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a smarter way to get this data – there is!

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 13.55.01

Adwords Script To Pull Keyword Quality Score Data

Using a simple script we can pull the Ad Text Relevance, Landing Page Experience and Expected Clickthrough Rate of each keyword and save them into Google Sheets. For the Sake of brevity, I won’t run through the script. The only thing you need to change is the impressions threshold. Select the minimum impressions threshold (in the last 30 days) that you want the script to report on.




function main() {

var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.create("Deeper Quality Score Metrics Report");

var report =
"SELECT CampaignName, AdGroupName, Criteria, KeywordMatchType, QualityScore, CreativeQualityScore, PostClickQualityScore, SearchPredictedCtr " +

Logger.log("Link To Report: " + spreadsheet.getUrl());



Using The Script

After authorising and running the script, click on logs in the summary column within the Logs table. On the next page click on Logs which should reveal a URL. When you put this URL into your browser, you should be taken to a Google Sheets file containing your keyword level Quality metrics. You’re now ready to start inspecting your keyword level Quality scores and making optimisations!

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 13.47.02

It’s worth noting that the column names may not be the same as what you’re used to seeing in the Adwords interface. Criteria is keyword, CreativeQualityScore is Ad Text Relevance, PostClickQualityScore is Landing Page Experience and SearchPredictedCtr is Expected Clickthrough Rate.

Analysing The Data

Once you have segmented the metrics that you want to address, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Low CreativeQualityScore (Ad Text Relevance)
    • Does the ad copy mention the keyword enough (without making it look spammy)?
    • Does the keyword need to be split out into its’ own Adgroup and given a more targeted ad?
  • Low PostClickQualityScore (Landing Page Experience)
    • Is the landing page the most relevant for the keyword?
    • Does a more relevant landing page need to be created?
    • Is the landing page missing relevancy signals that the SEO team can help with?
  • Poor SearchPredictedCtr (Expected Clickthrough Rate)
    • Is there some ad copy testing that needs to be carried out?
    • If the keyword is not an Exact match then is their some long tail traffic coming through that is irrelevant or needs to be split out and given its’ own adcopy?

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