My Results – Bounce Rate & and Average Page Views Affects Landing Page Experience

We all know that improving Quality Scores will generally do ‘good things’ for an account but Google is a little vague on exactly how to improve Quality Scores. While there definitely is a lot of material out there on how to increase Ad Text Relevance and Expected Clickthrough Rate, the recommendations on how to improve the Landing Page Experience score of a particular keyword are often vague. Read More


Calculating RLSA Adjustments – The Easy Formula Way

Is it just me experience or has anyone else noticed that every Adwords rep mentions RLSA adjustments whenever they provide their ‘recommendations’? RLSAs are amazing and I’ve had a lot of success with them. I’ve tried various strategies with them but in this blog I’ll be looking at a simple formula based approach you can use to get started once your lists have built up some data.

This method looks at applying bid adjustments to allow each audience list to hit a certain CPA target but there’s other things that you might want to do with your RLSA Audience than just ensuring they hit a CPA target.
Here’s the basic reasoning: Read More

How To Create A Simple Automated Brand/Generic/Shopping Report In Excel

Whether you do it monthly, weekly or even daily, reporting is something that all us PPC experts and indeed digital marketers in general have to deal with. I always say if there’s something that you are going to do more than once, try to automate it – even if you can’t automate it all. That’s why I’ve decided to put this post together.

If you’re a whiz with Excel, you’ll know that there’s a lot more functionality you can add to your reports to make them more insightful but for the rest of us, I’m going to show you how to create a simple monthly report that splits out your data between brand/generic and shopping. I may build on this report in the future but in the mean-time this is the perfect report to get you started on creating an automated report in Excel. Read More

Google Makes The Case For DSAs But Is Expanded Text Ads and Page Feeds Enough?

After publishing a post last month on the Inside Adwords blog claiming that Dynamic Search Ads are now more effective than ever, Google decided to support their post in their latest Elevensees discussing the benefits of using DSA campaigns.

Google has been developing it’s ‘Keyword-less campaign’ a lot lately with support for Expanded Text Ads and Page Feeds recently added. It claims using DSAs along with an automated bidding model can help to increase CTR, lower CPCs, CPA and help to identify new traffic avenues. There’s even a list of success case studies such as Virgin Experience Days who (Google claims) saw a 701% increase in revenue and a 34% increase in Return on investment by using Dynamic Search Ad campaigns. Here is a summary of Google’s case for using DSA campaigns: Read More

Customising Ad Copy Using IF Functions Based On Device Or Audience 

Customising ad copy based on the user data that Google provides us is a big part of what I’ve been looking at lately and I thought I’d share some of it with you.

By placing an IF function in the ad copy, we can tailor make our ad copy and show a different message depending on the user’s device or audience list. It opens up a whole heap of ad copy testing  (you can never have too much testing) and if done correctly, should help to increase CTRs and CVRs. Read More